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BtB 43% BtC 57%
107,772Business Masterfile
142,861Consumer Masterfile
25,953Business Connection Masterfile
8,983Business Indices Masterfile
5,464Eurasia Liaisons Masterfile
37,979Travelers Masterfile
23,548Business Decision-makers Masterfile
44,175Financial Security Schemers Masterfile
93,921Avid Readers Masterfile
6,163Instant Wealth Seekers Masterfile
37,646Ready Buyers Masterfile
50,478Luxury Lovers Masterfile
18,675Esoterics Enthusiasts Masterfile
12,291Technology Update Watchers Masterfile
20,314Healthy Living Aspirants Masterfile

  Avid Readers
2,150Animal Care Literature Readers
4,682Book Buyers - Architectural Design
6,198Book Buyers - Engineering
5,445Book Buyers - Financial Management
6,046Book Buyers - General Business
4,031Book Buyers - Health And Fitness
5,598Book Buyers - Human Resources
5,895Book Buyers - It
6,204Book Buyers - Lifestyle
3,505Book Buyers - Miscellaneous Professional Topics
4,482Book Buyers - Operations Management
5,379Book Buyers - Personal Finance
5,721Book Buyers - Sales And Marketing
79Corporate Finance E-lessons Recipients
1,018Gardening Literature Readers
6,348Medical Literature Readers
12,439Subscribers - Business And Economic Titles
14,121Subscribers - General News Titles
8,041Subscribers - Health And Fitness Titles
9,824Subscribers - Lifestyle Titles
4,849Subscribers - Personal Finance Titles

  Business Decision-Makers
2,603Business Degree Holders From Well-known Schools
1,774Business Strategy Simulation Software Buyers
5,675Economic Forecasts And Reports Buyers
3,925English-literate Businessmen
901Expatriate Business Executives And Professionals
2,426Financial Decision-makers
2,524Human Resources Management Decision-makers
2,351It Decision-makers
6,691Local Business Executives And Professionals
2,469Marketing Decision-makers
2,356Operations Management Decision-makers
2,533Successful Entrepreneurs

  Esoterics Enthusiasts
2,524Chi Concept Believers
3,058Chinese Horoscope Readers
2,065Confucian Teaching Readers
1,503Crystal Healing Power Believers
1,659Dream Interpretation Readers
3,289Feng Shui Believers
2,147Feng Shui Sculpture Collectors
1,386Financial Astrology Believers
1,178Fortune-teller Believing Businessmen
1,683Prophecy Literature Buyers
2,066Zen Concept Believers
2,342Zodiac Literature Buyers

  Instant Wealth Seekers
1,350Bingo Session Attendees
3,749Casino Goers
825Lucky Draw Winners
820On-line Gamblers
1,474Sports Events Gamblers
  Luxury Lovers
1,777Affluent Foreign Residents
9,623Antique Asian Furniture Collectors
5,168Beauty And Grooming Products Buyers
7,030Collectible Enthusiasts And Heavy Spenders
2,692Elegant Jewelry Buyers
2,216Elitist Cultural Performance Lovers
1,147Expensive Hobby Indulgers
3,028Fashionable Sports Outfit Buyers
1,928Gold Credit Card Holders
1,467Golf Club Members
3,612High-class Hair Salon Users
2,677Holiday Shopping Spree Goers
3,091International Fashion Catalog Shoppers
827Jockey Club Members
2,382Luxury Car Owners
3,865Luxury Dwellers
661Private Aviation Enthusiasts
1,164Private Boat Owners And Sailing Enthusiasts
4,613Up-market Fitness Club Members
3,280Western Art Collectors
1,085Wine Connoisseurs
2,224Wining And Dining Big Spenders

  Ready Buyers
1,687Culinary Arts Enthusiasts
16,656Direct Marketing Promotion Responders
1,177Gourmet Food Shop Patrons
17,480Multiple Credit Card Holders
3,780Music Cds And Musical Instruments Buyers
1,507On-board-flight Shoppers
2,516Shopping Mall Heavy Spenders
2,255Television Shopping Program Buyers

12,870Business Class Frequent Travelers
2,689European Rail Travel Lovers
3,091European Ski Holiday Package Buyers
1,047Expensive Holiday Goers
12,371Five-star Hotel Frequent Guests
5,363Hotel Privilege Card Holders
3,933International Trade Fair Exhibitors
5,819Travel Agents Prime Clients
5,531Tropical Beach Resort Goers
1,543Well-travelled Yuppies

  Technology Update Watchers
2,609Home Computing Heavy Spenders
6,660Information Technology Conference Attendees
2,349Novelty Gadget Buyers
2,350State-of-the-art Gadget Buyers

  Healthy Living Aspirants
6,602Aerobics Session Attendees
6,819Alternative Medicine Literature Readers
3,732Aromatherapy Product Buyers
839Herbal Medicine Users
1,843Natural Medicine Course Attendees
3,505Stress Management Course Enrollees
3,746Weight Loss Program Buyers
  Business Connections
11Aerospace And Defense Connection
70Automotive Connection
896Business Consultancy Connection
6,319Chemicals And Allied Products Manufacturing Connection
1,443Construction Connection
303Electrical And Electronic Products Manufacturing Connection
802Energy Connection
2,274Finance Connection
1,708Food And Beverage Manufacturing Connection
601Government Connection
5,454Health Care Connection
249Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Connection
1,206Hospitals Connection
1,892Information Technology Connection
1,834Legal Connection
1,001Marketing Services Connection
886Media Connection
779Mining Connection
1,118Paper Products Manufacturing Connection
813Pharmaceutical Connection
75Precision Products Manufacturing Connection
806Primary Metal And Fabricated Metal Products Connection
1,428Publising And Printing Connection
1,327Rubber, Plastic And Leather Products Manufacturing Connection
1,096Schools Connection
1,008Stone, Clay, Glass And Concrete Products Manufacturing Connection
84Telecom Connection
910Textiles And Apparel Manufacturing Connection
813Transport And Logistics Connection
1,346Travel Connection
777Wood Products Manufacturing Connection

  Business Indices
741Associations Index
3,957Exporters Index
3,270Importers Index
662Listed Companies Index
594Major Companies Index
344Multinationals Index
2,672Retail Businesses Index
1,168Wholesale Businesses Index

  Eurasia Liaisons
934Chinese Business Liaisons
1,086French Business Liaisons
1,146German Business Liaisons
895Italian Business Liaisons
1,138Japanese Business Liaisons
789Korean Business Liaisons
843Spanish Business Liaisons

  Financial Security Schemers
1,062Bargain Property Hunters
3,456Contrarian Investors
2,525Corporate Forex Exposure Managers
1,850Emerging Market Prospects Optimists
2,930Financial Indices Close Watchers
1,576Foreign Exchange Simulation Software Buyers
2,669Foreign-owned Bank Branch Depositors
7,351Free Financial Advisory Newsletter Recipients
918High Personal Income Tax Payers
6,319Major Companies Annual Reports Requestors
2,736Multiple Currency Depositors
3,924Mutual Funds Performance Close Watchers
2,002Offshore Bank Depositors
1,169Overseas Real Estate Property Buyers
5,835Personal Investment Strategy Seminar Attendees
5,682Personal Tax Haven Seekers
2,256Stock Market Money-making Enthusiasts
1,843Stock Market Simulation Software Buyers
  Rental rates per 1,000 records: USA and Canada data All other countries data
  (USD) (USD)
  Postal records 125 195
  Phones and partial postal 125 195
  Phones and full postal address 250 390
  Fax numbers 125 195
  E-mail address and name* 125 195
  Full data record: Postal+ Phone+Fax 300 450
*+ Transmission Fee $50/M
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