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Client Protection

Ordering Terms

Because protection of our clients is of utmost importance and many countries do not have a code of list ethics and practices, MMI has written its own international set of terms and conditions to accompany list orders, by confirming what is and what is not acceptable for foreign data ordered on your behalf.



With so many new foreign lists coming onto the market, an inexperienced international list broker may find it difficult to separate the good from the bad. MMI’s dedication to supplying only international lists compels us to thoroughly check the credentials of each new list and the respective owner, and only if we are totally satisfied with the quality and legitimacy, do we recommend that list to you.


Third Party Marketing

Individuals whose business contact information is in our professional business contacts database may request to be excluded from the professional contacts database which is the underlying data source for various marketing and sales solutions licensed to third parties for marketing and sales purposes. An individual who wishes to be removed from our professional contacts database may request to be removed either in writing or by calling Manning Media Customer Service. For additional information or to request removal, please contact Manning Media Customer Service at 1-972-562-6960 or send an e-mail to listmanager@manningmedia.com



Your company has the satisfaction of knowing that you are protected from renting lists that are pirated, over priced or duplicated, as MMI operates under a strict code of ethics, as follows:


Business Principles

  1. MANNING MEDIA INTERNATIONAL will fairly, objectively and accurately describe each list, particularly with respect to its content, age of names, selections offered, quantity, source and owner.

  2. Before and at the time of distributing a list data card or promoting or advertising a list as available for rental, MANNING MEDIA INTERNATIONAL will be prepared to substantiate any claims made and will avoid any untrue, misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent statements and references that are disparaging of competitors or of those on the list.

  3. MANNING MEDIA INTERNATIONAL will establish and agree upon the exact nature of a list's intended usage prior to the transfer or permission to use the list. Samples of all intended mailings should be reviewed by all involved in the rental process, and only approved materials will be used in the mailing. Lists will not be transferred or used for an offer that is believed to be in violation of any of the DMA Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices.

  4. Unless agreement to the contrary is first obtained from the list owner, a mailing list transaction will permit the use of list for one time only.

  5. Lists will consist only of that data which is pertinent and necessary for marketing and related purposes.

  6. MANNING MEDIA INTERNATIONAL is protective of the consumer's right to privacy and sensitive to the information collected on lists and subsequently considered for transfer, rental, sale or exchange. Information such as, but not limited to, medical, financial, insurance or court data and data that may be considered to be personal and intimate in nature by all reasonable standards will not be included on lists that are made available for transfer, rental, sale or exchange when there is a reasonable expectation by the consumer that the information would be kept confidential. 

    Any advertising or promotion for lists being offered for transfer, rental, sale or exchange will reflect a sensitivity for the individuals on those list. Promotional methods and language that tend to portray characteristics of those individuals in a disparaging way will be avoided.

  7. MANNING MEDIA INTERNATIONAL will operate in accordance with all applicable laws, codes, regulations and with DMA's various guidelines as published from time to time.

    Mailing list transactions are controlled by the legal principles affecting contracts. As such, mutual understanding, good faith, clear communication, defined terms and a meeting of the minds are imperative.


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