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Cost Efficiency

MMI is conscious of the high cost of foreign mailing lists and strives to save your company money where we can. 
To follow are just some of the areas we help you:


Deselection Terms

Many foreign list owners have limited list selection abilities, MMI can negotiate on your behalf for you/your computer bureau to do the selections yourself (e.g., by country; business vs. consumer address; gender, etc.) and that you only pay for the names mailed.


Re-Use Discounts

Many international mailers who have lower brand recognition overseas adopt a successful strategy of mailing the same list several times to create brand awareness and higher response rates.  MMI can negotiate substantial price discounts for these subsequent list uses.


Shipping Savings

MMI use our experience to ship data from overseas via the most cost efficient means for you.


List Exchanges

List exchanges are particularly popular with foreign list owners who are skeptical of releasing data overseas.  MMI can negotiate list exchanges for you and achieve substantial cost savings on your behalf.


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