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Business Databases

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Business connections Key business contacts at thirty one (31) different industries, from aerospace to wood products manufacturing. 7,136,889 2,283,686 3,211,484
Business decision-makers Business executives and professionals who make or influence major decisions in international or local companies where they hold important positions and responsibilities. 7,110,294 2,275,178 3,199,521
Business indices Business leaders at large/major companies, publicly-listed entities, MNC's, export/import, and wholesale/retail companies. 2,596,201 830,676 1,168,179
Eurasia liaisons Business contact persons who work for companies outside China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain but which have a lot to do with these countries. 1,344,532 430,130 604,921

Business and Consumer Databases

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Avid readers Regular subscribers to magazines, newspapers, newsletters, reports,etc - - whether print or digital, and book buyers. 29,583,491 9,466,602 13,312,454
Esoterics enthusiasts Individuals who actively engage in the practice of zen and chi; believers in the principles of feng shui; followers of confucian teachings; avid readers of books about horoscope, dream intepretation, prophecy, etc. 5,419,820 1,734,234 2,438,801
Financial security schemers High net-worth individuals who have purchased investments or have shown interest in investing by attending seminars on personal investment strategies or by closely watching financial indicators, etc. 13,487,203 4,315,796 6,069,119
Healthy living aspirants Regular buyers of health and fitness-related products and services. 1,344,532 430,130 604,921
Instant wealth seekers Individuals who are either professional or recreational gamblers. 1,728,116 552,871 777,540
Luxury lovers Affluent people who live in upscale residential areas, purchase expensive lifestyle products and services, buy memberships in exclusive clubs, wine and dine in expensive restaurants, engage in costly hobbies, etc. 15,224,952 4,871,872 6,851,112
Ready buyers Moderate to heavy spenders, people who have repeately purchased products and services promoted by mail/telephone/e-mail/fax or individuals who are regular store shoppers, etc. 11,840,316 3,788,779 5,328,024
Travellers Individuals who travel for business or pleasure -- many of them buy business class tickets, stay at five-star hotels frequently, buy expensive holiday packages, etc. 11,903,043 3,808,856 5,356,249
Technology update watchers Business executives and private individuals who closely watch the developments in technology by way of attending IT conferences/workshops, purchasing books and magazines on the subject, owning latest models of high-tech gadgets and electronics, etc. 3,754,622 1,201,366 1,689,465
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